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Annie Fitzgerald

Your Zero BS Coach to a Better Life

Did you know you could create an intentional life in every aspect of life?  Me neither.  No one ever teaches you that.  They tell you to go to school, find something you love and it will all turn out.  That doesn’t work out so well.  But life, with intention, is amazing.

It takes something to create an intentional life. It takes a willingness to step into unknown territories. To feel uncomfortable and re-examine your relationship with fear.  To feel fear and do the hard thing, it’s worth it to get to that amazing life.

My goal with every person I work with is to help them identify what they want and break through what’s holding them back, the self-sabotaging cycles, and the deeply-rooted biases that form our life strategies

Once you identify how you  fight your way through life, you can replace it with ways of being that reflect the value of who you really are, you can begin to:

  • Increase effectiveness, power and satisfaction in relationships (work and personal)
  • Become a more effective, compassionate leader, parent, or friend
  • Experience more joy in life
  • Define and release barriers in the way of your success
  • Let go of unconscious/implicit biases
  • Create possibilities rather than respond to circumstances.

My straightforward, compassionate approach helps you do the work and get to the heart of what is blocking you from success, love, empathy, and true happiness.

Only you can unlock what stops you from getting what you want — and ultimately change.

I am here to be your coach along the way.


Implicit Bias Coaching -- Defuse Hard-Wired Biases

Although it can be tough to admit, we all have implicit biases. You can’t escape that.

Bias doesn’t mean you are a racist or bigot; it’s not a moral failing. Through nature and nurture, we all possess internalized and implicit biases that are unconscious associations, beliefs, or attitudes toward any social group. Unavoidable in a country founded on white patriarchy, we are all hard-wired to a degree to “other” social groups that are not our own. 

So, bias is part of being human, but it’s also a part of our humanness that requires introspection and exploration.

If you’re on this page reading this, you probably have already realized you have built-in biases — and want to learn how to challenge and reduce them.   I can help. 

Becoming a more empathetic and self-aware person starts here.



Understanding and Transforming White Privilege

The first step to dismantling white supremacy is understanding how it structurally and systemically works as designed. Please join me in a conversation about structural racism and white privilege and how it functions in our lives.

By participating in this four-week course you will deepen your understanding of the history of white supremacy, how white people participate in perpetuating it, and what it looks like to challenge those systems and step into action. This course is intended for people who identify as white.

If you are interested in this course, please contact me for more information.

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  • Price: $99.00
  • Price: $99.00
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I’ve known many professionals in the coaching field, and Annie Fitzgerald possesses the range of qualities that make the very best stand out: she’s bright, tenacious, bold, intuitive, authentic, spirited, grounded, challenging and playful. Her coaching impact is both subtle and stunning, and my life—both personal and professional—has been transformed as a result.

A coaching relationship with Annie is one of alchemy. Each conversation leaves me enriched beyond whatever I initially expect is possible, and as a result each week I’m emboldened to create alchemy moving forward.


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