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Annie Fitzgerald

Your Zero BS Coach to a Better Life

My purpose is to help you cultivate happiness and fulfillment in life while remaining aware of the challenging realities of the world we live in. 

My coaching approach is holistic, addressing personal and professional development in areas such as leadership and management, relationships of all kinds, effective communication, and SELF-LOVE. I recognize that these areas are intertwined with larger social systems, including issues of bias and inequality. My coaching is grounded in the belief that personal growth and societal progress are linked, and I support clients in cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion, and skills to effect change.

Our personal health and growth are interconnected with larger truths of the world, including systemic issues such as racism, sexism, classism, sizism, and ageism. It’s essential to acknowledge and disentangle from these systems for personal well-being and societal progress.

Every person has the power to be happier in life, do more of what they love, and have a positive impact on the world around them. We get to carve out a life that has more moments of peace and love than chaos, suffering, or generally tolerating BS.

I bring a compassionate, straightforward approach to each conversation.


Implicit Bias Coaching -- Defuse Hard-Wired Biases

Although it can be tough to admit, we all have implicit biases. You can’t escape that.

Bias doesn’t mean you are a racist or bigot; it’s not a moral failing. Through nature and nurture, we all possess internalized and implicit biases that are unconscious associations, beliefs, or attitudes toward any social group. Unavoidable in a country founded on white patriarchy, we are all hard-wired to a degree to “other” social groups that are not our own. 

So, bias is part of being human, but it’s also a part of our humanness that requires introspection and exploration.

If you’re on this page reading this, you probably have already realized you have built-in biases — and want to learn how to challenge and reduce them.   I can help. 

Becoming a more empathetic and self-aware person starts here.



I’ve known many professionals in the coaching field, and Annie Fitzgerald possesses the range of qualities that make the very best stand out: she’s bright, tenacious, bold, intuitive, authentic, spirited, grounded, challenging and playful. Her coaching impact is both subtle and stunning, and my life—both personal and professional—has been transformed as a result.

A coaching relationship with Annie is one of alchemy. Each conversation leaves me enriched beyond whatever I initially expect is possible, and as a result each week I’m emboldened to create alchemy moving forward.


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