I specialize in coaching people at the individual and at the team level to expand their capabilities and facility. You will learn to observe yourself constructively and re-invent your approach. You will be better positioned to deal with the inevitable uncertainties of life. You will see new possibilities that previously seemed unavailable. Your relationships will be enhanced. You will expand how you participate and engage in the world. 

Life Coach

One-on-one coaching is the most effective and preferred form of coaching for most people.

We will be able to really dig deep and focus on your individual needs, goals, and path to success. I only take a few key clients per year, so we can really take the time and effort to work through obstacles, find solutions, and move forward. One-on-one coaching services are flexible and can be customized to each person’s needs. But one thing is consistent, you have to be willing to do the work to get your results.


Creating more meaningful and powerful relationships can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

By focusing on what you want more of within your relationships – at work and at home – and how to navigate conversations with different personality types, you can reduce the anxiety that can come with seemingly confrontational situations. Relationship Coaching is right for you if you are struggling in one or all of your relationships. I coach parents, couples, and individuals to have healthy and thriving relationships by identifying personality and communication styles and addressing ways to create better results by providing tools and support.


Living with illness or dealing with major life changes or transitions…

While change is inevitable, it can also be extremely difficult for some people, especially if the circumstances seem to be outside of your control. The worst thing anyone can do is shut down or become paralyzed by the overwhelm that can come from unforeseen changes or transitions. You have choices and options, even if you feel powerless. Get the clarity and support that you need in order to move forward powerfully and purposefully.


Do you often feel like you aren’t being heard? Or do you often feel misunderstood?

Communication is key to building and maintaining interpersonal relationships. If you are noticing that miscommunication is happening all the time within personal and/or professional settings, it may be time to inspect the root cause of these situations and identify more tools to improve future conversations. Gone unchecked, ineffective communication can lead to lower self-esteem, lack of confidence, or even social isolation.


Coaching the future leaders of tomorrow, and the leaders of today is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do.

Are you:

  • Stepping into a role as manager, director, or leader?
  • Wanting to gain confidence as a leader?
  • Hitting a plateau in your leadership? The strategies that have worked before aren’t working anymore?
  • Is a manager on your executive team a high performer, yet they are struggling to create positive results through others?

During our coaching you will create:

  • Awareness of your own leadership style and your leadership hang-ups.
  • A solid understanding of the foundations of leadership.
  • An action plan for creating a new healthy leadership style


Defuse Hard-Wired Biases to Become a Better Ally

Although it can be tough to admit, we all have a foundation of implicit bias.

Bias doesn’t mean you are a racist or bigot; it’s not necessarily a moral failing. Through nature and nurture, we all possess internalized and implicit biases that are unconscious associations, beliefs, or attitudes toward any social group. Unavoidable in a country founded on white patriarchy, we are all hard-wired to a degree to “other” social groups that are not our own.

So, bias is part of being human, but it’s also a part of our humanness that requires introspection and a release of the ego.

If you’re on this page reading this, you probably have already realized you have built-in biases — and want to learn how to challenge and reduce them.

Maybe the criminalization of minority groups by the police and prison states in this country has made you realize you need to stand up, use your privilege, and become a better ally with communities that have been marginalized.

Maybe you have close friends or family who are damaged or affected by internal, implicit, or completely intentional bias… and you want to be a better friend and support system.

At work, perhaps you are starting to become aware of microaggressions that happen towards POC colleagues, perhaps you’ve become aware of having done some of these yourself… but aren’t sure how to identify or address them..

Whatever your reason is to wake up from these implicit prejudices and improve yourself as an empathetic and self-aware person, you’ve come to the right place.

I will help you learn to look at these biases objectively, consider the impact of them on specific social groups, and learn to slow down and not act on these polarizing impulses. My coaching approach is based on looking at biases inherent in society and human nature and choosing more constructive and empathetic beliefs and actions.

One step at a time, I’ll help you:

  • Understand that implicit biases inform your everyday decisions and beliefs about yourself and others
  • Separate learned patriarchal beliefs from redefined beliefs rooted in love that reflect your true self
  • Implement mindfulness and objectiveness to improve how you view, support, and interact with those around you
  • Overcome biases and improve your empathy and effectiveness in all relationships, from people you work with to strangers you engage with every day
  • Discard beliefs that have been accepted “just because that’s the way things are” and challenge others to create a more effective and compassionate dialogue about social issues

Are you ready to learn to disrupt biased thinking and cut through the BS to be a better ally to all social groups?

More About My Coaching

What does coaching with me look like?

My coaching practice encompasses working with individuals to help break through whatever is holding them back from getting to what is next. I’ve coached hundreds of business leaders, high achievers, and corporate teams through various challenges, helping them reach their goals and achieve their personal and professional potential.

Self-awareness and acceptance are at the core of how we achieve these goals; however, we also address the following personal and professional tenets:

  •    Responsibility   
  •    Integrity    
  •    Well being
  •    Straight communication    
  •    Compassion   
  •    Accountability
  •    Forgiveness
  •    Honesty/shooting straight
  •    Relationships to self
  •    Growth-mindset

Coaching is a great option for those that are seeking change.

If you are considering coaching but not quite sure if coaching is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking to be more effective at work (or even at home)?
  • Are you looking to improve your relationships with others (or even yourself)?
  • Are you stuck, or caught between making key decisions?
  • Are you looking to strengthen your personal and/or professional relationships?
  • Are you ready for change, but uncertain about what to do, or how to do it?

If so, let’s connect.

I'm here to ask the difficult questions and encourage you to make the difficult answers.

My aim is to see to it that you create positive, measurable results. Your effectiveness and power will increase. You will experience more happiness in life. You will have more fun. You will release barriers to your success, identify and realize new possibilities. And ultimately… you will change.

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