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We won the two senate seats in Georgia.  (And I say “we” lightly because I did exactly jack shit to make that happen with the exception of sending some money.)  But waking up this morning to the news that Ossoff and Warnock won was, I imagine, similar to finally getting the Covid vaccine.  I cried with the hope, the possibility of something good happening I the country.  I cried at the idea that possibly, just possibly our government will take strides to end the war on Black and Brown people, on poverty, and begin to actually serve the people of this country.  Imagine if we could face our ugliness.  Imagine if we could be with the truth of who we are.  Face our violence, our racism, or patriarchy with something bordering on responsibility.  

I know there is no hope for us unless we do this.  Unless we uncover our ugliness in the full light of day.   There is no difference between a country’s soul and an individual.  What you hide, what you refuse to acknowledge, what you will not look at, take responsibility for will run your life. 

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