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Jeannie Cziesla, Environmental Consultant/Entrepreneur

Annie helped to crack my heart wide open to uncover all these beautiful parts of me that hadn’t made much of an appearance since shortly after my birth. Annie showed me I have the courage to listen to my heart and go after my dreams. She showed me that certain ways I was “being” were actually limiting my potential…I had way more to give to life than I gave myself credit for. Annie acknowledged me for talents and gifts I had for which I had almost never been acknowledged. She ushered me from “smallness” into “bigness.” And for that I am forever grateful.

Since working with Annie my life has dramatically changed in many positive ways. I quit my environmental consulting job and left my two master’s degrees behind to pursue one of my dreams – to own my own company. I am living my “dream life”…living in love with my two beautiful children and amazing husband, staying involved with my children’s schools, and running a business with two powerful women. Annie showed me this life IS possible…and here I am living it.

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