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Lyle Harris, NW Ecodesign LLC

I hired Annie for 6 months, seeking help setting up a business. I’d been stalled on the idea for years, and this seemed like a way to get from A to B in a simple straight line. Within two weeks of coaching with Annie, I had a viable plan to set up my business. Within three weeks, it was clear that there was a bigger picture, a bigger universe, a bigger game in play. Coaching with Annie is going from A to Z, and the line weaves in an out of every aspect of your life. Your entire life. Your desires, your fears, your motivations, your relationships, your escapes, your joy, your filters, your perceptions, your reality and your dreams.

Coaching with Annie is equal parts inspiring, frustrating, freeing, exhausting, and challenging. This is real work that you will do for yourself. It is not for the passive viewer, but for people that want to really live. Working with Annie, I found an inner source of energy, gained clarity about myself and the world around me, and discovered a path not from A to B, but from Dreams to Reality. And I started a business.

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