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Molly Anderson

The first word I think of when I think of Annie’s work is integrity. It became apparent very quickly that I could trust Annie and her coaching skills, and that she could handle whatever I threw at her. I believe trust is fundamental to change, and Annie demonstrated her integrity by a) demonstrating high quality, compassionate listening skills and b) holding a mirror to my thoughts and thought structures—basically telling me like it is—with deftness, wisdom, and heart.

Annie’s repertoire of coaching tools and techniques is phenomenal. You will learn that there are prizes (and booby prizes) for the way you have been doing things. You will gain expansiveness and life skills. You will see your world with fresh eyes, and as they say in ontological coaching, declare and fulfill into a new way of being..

I fully endorse Annie Fitzgerald as a coach. Doing life coaching with Annie has been transformative in nuanced, important, and lasting ways. I remain grateful for her contributions to my well being, and highly recommend her services.

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