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there is no argument -America is steeped in the delusion that is White Supremacy.

The attack on the Capitol on January 6th was a glaring display of white supremacy working exactly as designed. And despite knowing that our government and police forces are steeped in white supremacy it still shook me to see that the police are not here to protect people but to uphold the system that oppresses so many in this country. Eugene Goodman, a Black Capitol Hill policeman, saved countless people when he redirected the angry white mob away from the legislative body, many of whom were fighting for continued oppression. He was carrying a gun but I’m sure he knew many in the mob were also carrying weapons and would use them on him. His courage and quick response are astounding to me and there is no way to understand how challenging it must be to not only do your job to protect people but to put yourself in such incredible danger. He is a hero.

White mobs killed another police officer proving that All Lives Matter has never been about protecting police but about the suppression of Black Lives Matter.

We must Defund the Police. We must defund the systems that uphold White Supremacy Delusion.

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