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I’m guessing I’ve spent close to $75,000 on understanding my self-talk and the impact it has on me.   I’m pretty sure a person doesn’t have to spend that kind of cash on gaining self-awareness but for me that was the price I needed to pay to do the work that ultimately saved my life. 

Being a coach means that I get paid to help people understand their self-talk and the beliefs that form that talk.  

Sometimes people’s negative self -talk is so dark and deep they have no idea it’s even there.  I’ve spent several sessions with people just getting them to recognize and “hear” the talk.  

It’s a powerful  thing to notice the self-talk and choose to change it but an even more powerful thing is to notice the self-talk and understand where it originated, what belief is driving the self-talk, and perhaps most importantly, what that self-talk is doing for you.  Who does that negative self-talk allow you to be?  How does talking to yourself like that allow you to perform or not perform?  To act or not act?  What does it keep in place in your life or what does it keep from being in your life? 

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